Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket

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Bethany Grady

Very useful

Van D'Amore

Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket

Melody Hoppe

Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket

Alejandra Shields

Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket

Frank Ruecker

Basket for refrigerator, as photos and description, comfortable, excellent material, well made and beautifully finished. Delivered in a month, advice seller


Is your fridge always stuffed and you find it difficult to organize?  You need not spend thousands to buy a new fridge or cut down on essential storage!  Our Adjustable Fridge Storage Drawer is the perfect solution if you have a small fridge or if you have a lot of things to store up in this lockdown.

Product Description

  • Behold our Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket which can transform your fridge into a magical land where everything is organized and there is always space for more. 
  • Our refrigerator storage is perfect for taking advantage of dead height in your refrigerator and organizing small items that would otherwise tend to get lost.

  • You can easily install our adjustable organizers in your fridge shelves as they are made for standard refrigerator shelves.
  • More ventilation holes can rapidly drain water, release moisture, effective in preventing bacterial growth and keep things fresh.

Product Specifications:
  • Quantity: 4 Adjustable Storage Baskets
  • Size:  Retracted: 20.5*16cm, Stretched: 28.5*16cm 
  • Quality: High-grade Food safe PP
  • Color: Set of Multicolor